The global leader in robotics, ABB, is waiting for the oil and gas industry to fully utilize the potential for automation of work processes.

“Automation may safeguard and create jobs. Automation could also improve health, safety and environment, competitiveness and sustainability”, says Steffen Wahl, CEO of ABB in Norway.

ABB invented the world’s first paint robot in late 1960 at Bryne, Norway. More recently, ABB created Yumi, the world’s first truly collaborative dual-arm robot, able to work side by side with humans.

“Industrial products get smarter and smarter. Key drivers are affordable sensors, abundant communication bandwidth, increasing computing power and more sophisticated software algorithms. By making products more intelligent we can increase operational time and reduce cost”, says Wahl.

Last year, ABB opened a marine integrated operation center in Oslo. The center alerts ship operators about upcoming problems and assists in solving issues remotely.

“This may reduce maintenance costs in docks by 50 percent. A similar model could reduce costs in the oil and gas sector”, says Wahl.