A new think tank aims to identify and assess business opportunities in offshore aquaculture.

This includes contributions to new technologies that can solve challenges related to the environment and geographic locations for a growing aquaculture industry.

Participants met for the first time at GCE NODE’s offices in Kristiansand Wednesday: Hans V. Bjelland from Sintef Ocean, Alexandra Neyts from NTNU Havrom, Tore Obrestad from AquaGroup, Christian Jørgensen from Scanmatic, Jan Martin Grindheim from MacGregor and Marianne Engvoll, Bjørn Saltermark and Erlend Moksness from GCE NODE.

The outcome of the meeting will be presented in the near future and result in two major workshops in September. These workshops will include relevant companies and potential industry customers. The ultimate goal is to identify and define new business areas for GCE NODE companies.

Based on these meetings, an opportunity report with suggestions for further competence projects and/or research and innovation projects will be produced.