Frode Støldal, CEO of Telenor Maritime.

Response suggests that attending the GCE NODE Strategy Meeting was time well spent.

Frode Støldal, Telenor Maritime: “This is a unique collection of highly competent people in different parts of the value chain. Being part of this setting is very inspirational. I would like to see NODE and its companies be more action-oriented. We should adopt a “just do it”-attitude. We need to reinvent ourselves. We have done it before, we will do it again, but we need more action now.”

Aslaug Hagestad Nag, Force Technology

Aslaug Hagestad Nag, Force Technology: “The most valuable part was to be able to meet competent people who are willing to share information and knowledge. We have had insightful group discussions with top executives and listened to excellent key speakers.”

Camilla Espeland, Norconsult

Camilla Espeland, Norconsult: “As a newcomer to the cluster, this is my first GCE NODE meeting. I came with an open mind, ready to explore what NODE is all about. I was well received, I learnt a lot, and I found the meeting inspirational. I take some new ideas back home, and I look forward to the next NODE meeting.”

Terje Borch, On & Offshore Elektro

Terje Borch, On & Offshore Elektro: “For years I have heard stories about small and medium sized companies that are not being listened to. Here, we have had the time and opportunity to say whatever we want, to participate, to give input. It has been useful, insightful and time well spent. If I were to roll the dice, I would give the meeting a perfect 6.”

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