Anne-Grete Ellingsen and Bjarne Skeie at det opening of the Kristiansand Greenhouse, which houses several new entrepreneurs that are now especially invited to join GCE NODE.

GCE NODE invites startups to participate in the cluster for a friendly price.

In light of the many redundancies and a growing number of entrepreneurs related to the oil and gas industry, NODE encourages startups to participate in the cluster.

A minimum service charge of NOK 25,000 is however often a hinder for new companies to join NODE. This is why the board proposed for the Annual Meeting to let young companies participate in GCE NODE at a lower cost.

The proposal was approved and a category of participants, Associated Participants, is introduced. To qualify as an associated participant, a company must be younger than two years old and have less than five employees. Associated participants do not have to pay the service charge, but are required to contribute with the same amount in-kind.

April 18th 2024

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