A unique collaboration between the industry and academia has led to a pilot study in IT security. Left-right: Otto Isaksen (Digin), Anne-Grete Ellingsen (GCE NODE) and Lars Erik Torjussen (Noroff).

A new IT security program tailor-made for businesses kicked off Thursday.

The syllabus and content have been developed in a collaboration between around 70 IT companies, 90 oil and gas suppliers, The Norwegian National Security Authority, The Norwegian Data Protection Authority and Noroff University College.

“There has been an unusually close collaboration between business and academia to develop this study program. Business needs penetrate the entire curriculum, from the theme to the completion of lectures and practical tasks, “says Ernst Sundt, Rector of Noroff University College.

Companies and organizations have been interviewed and workshops have defined focus areas. Finally, all parties voted on the ten most relevant topics. These have now transformed in to ten mini-courses, which in total constitute the pilot course.

“Professors should not sit in their offices and decide what people need to learn. They should listen to what society and the business community need. This is exactly what we have done in this program,” says Sundt.

Anne-Grete Ellingsen, CEO of GCE NODE, which is a partner in the project, says IT security is a challenge in an ever more digital industry.

“Equipment designed by companies in GCE NODE has more sensors and advanced software that enable condition-based maintenance and remote control. Secure transfer of data is essential, but qualified IT security experts are hard to find. This program is important to us,” said Ellingsen.

Demand for IT security competence is also emphasized by the fact that applications for other Noroff programs have doubled the last year. Practical IT skills is sought after.

“Technology is developing dramatically, and IT has evolved from a support function to a business driver. Both the public sector and the business community are heavily focusing on digitalization, and we need more IT security expertise,” says Otto Isaksen, Head of IT cluster Digin.

30 people participate in the pilot study that kicked off in Kristiansand Thursday. The pilot is to be incorporated in a bachelor’s degree in IT security that Noroff University College develops in cooperation with business and industry.

“We will provide an overview of the key activities required to develop a security culture. It will outline some of the key risks and threats faced by companies and provide a summary of best practices aimed at improving the security stance of an organization. It will focus on new and evolving technologies and explore issues associated with adopting these technologies into corporate systems,” says Iain Sutherland, Professor at Noroff University College.

The following courses are offered:

  • Developing an ICT Security Culture
  • Security Issues of Evolving Technologies
  • GDPR Overview
  • GDPR In-Depth
  • Incident Handling and Response
  • Risk and Threat
  • Risk Countermeasures
  • Security By Design (HW/SW)
  • Frameworks and Controls
  • Value and Supply Chain Security

Supported by Innovation Norway, the pilot study is offered in cooperation between GCE NODE, Digin and Noroff.

Class of 2018. The group that will attend the pilot course in IT security.