Left-right: Pål Skogerbø (MHWirth) and Helge Hammersbøen (DNB) during the Sustainability & Climate Action reference group meeting.

27 industry representatives have volunteered to be part of the five GCE NODE strategy reference groups. Some groups met for the first time this week.

“The reference groups are important in assisting GCE NODE operationalize its new strategy. They will ensure that the cluster is aligned with the interests of the companies and organizations that constitutes GCE NODE,” says Tom Fidjeland, CEO of GCE NODE.

Five reference groups have been established in the wake of GCE NODE’s new strategy. The idea is to have between four to six representatives from cluster participating companies and other important stakeholders meet four times a year to ensure that the cluster organization operates in alignment with the strategy. A GCE NODE staff member is assigned as facilitator for each individual group.

Reference group Sustainability & Climate Action was the first to meet for a two-hour session in Kristiansand Tuesday afternoon to discuss how the industry and GCE NODE work with respect to sustainability and climate.

Other reference groups include RD&I, Competence, Business Development, and Society & Eco-system.

“It is important to have an understanding of what current issues are of importance to the companies of GCE NODE. A long-term strategy can serve as a strong foundation for the cluster, but the sudden outbreak of a pandemic and the collapse in oil prices illustrate how fast things may change – and how important is it to adjust accordingly,” says Fidjeland.

Sunnva Hylen (CAN Systems) and Tom Fidjeland (CEO, GCE NODE).
Isabelle-Louise Aabel (EU Advisor at GCE NODE) facilitated the reference group meeting.