12 protégés met their mentors as the second edition of NEW Mentor was kicked off recently.

Back row left-right: Tor Eide, NOV (mentor), Sverre Eikenes, St-Gobain (protégé), Gro Eide, Elkem (NEW Mentor), Dag Ronny Bordvik, Siem Offshore (protégé), Håkon Øgaard, CR Group.
Second row left-right: Jens Kjos Hansen, GE Healthcare (mentor), Bjørn-Tore Lenes, Align (mentor), Siv Håtveit Wik, Elkem (protégé), Synnøve Egedal, Frigstad Engineering (protégé), Svenn Lasse Buvarp, Evry (mentor), Tine Lise Larsen, GE Healthcare (protégé).
Third row left-right: Gro Wickstrøm, Siem Offshore (NEW Mentor), Betty Åsheim, St-Gobain (mentor), Randi Mikalsen MHWirth (mentor), Silje Roland, NOV (protégé).
Front row left-right: Robertha Höglund, Elkem (protégé), Tone Flovik, NOV (NEW Mentor), Paal Espen Dybvik, NOV (protégé), Monica Alvestad, GE Healthcare (protégé), Lina Lunden, NOV (protégé).
Absent: Andreas Jørgensen, NOV (protégé), Tommy Karlsen, Siem Offshore (protégé), Aslaug Hagestad Nag, Force Technology (mentor), Erik Bergsmo, Elkem (mentor), Kai Johansen, Glencore (mentor), Lars Petter Maltby, St-Gobain (mentor), Leif Haukom, Macgregor (mentor), Arianeh Aamodt, Elkem (mentor).

– We are excited to start the program. We believe this is an important initiative to develop young talent and future leaders, says Gro Wickstrøm in NEW Mentor.

The successful mentoring program is open for both male and female protégés. The 12 selected have between one and three years of leadership experience.

– They possess a drive and motivation for development and a desire to build a professional network between the clusters in the region, says Wickstrøm.

The program started on October 16th and will last until April 2016. Both protégés and mentors will meet on a regular basis during this period for conversations in private. The general part of NEW Mentor will consist of four professional gatherings for both mentors and protégés in addition to the kick-off and a gathering at the end of the program.

– NODE offers an international environment with broad possibilities for development. Diversion and different perspectives increase the ability for innovation. NEW is an important network in this process, and the mentoring program is a suitable tool to clarify ambitions, career opportunities and need for development, says Anne-Grete Ellingsen, CEO of GCE NODE.

April 18th 2024

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