In front of the building that will host Mechatronics Innovation Lab (left-right): Bernt Inge Øhrn (CEO, Mechatronics Innovation Lab), Tellef Inge Mørland (County Mayor, Aust-Agder), Jon-Rolf Næss (Member of the Central Board of the Labour Party and Mayor of Bykle) and Odd Omland (Member of Parliament, Vest-Agder).

Jonas Gahr Støre, the leader of the Labour Party, says Mechatronics Innovation Lab will create new technology and new jobs.

“A close cooperation between the industry and research and academic institutions is the only way forward for creating growth both within the supply industry and in other industries based on technology and competence from the supply industry”, says Gahr Støre.

He was supposed to visit the constructions site of Mechatronics Innovation Lab in Grimstad on Wednesday, but had to return to Oslo for an earlier meeting. However, county and national representatives from the Labour Party met with the University of Agder and MIL to be updated on the progress of the building of the lab.

Gahr Støre called in to the meeting to express his support for the national laboratory and explain why his party has allocated MNOK 30 for MIL in its alternative National Budget.

“We recognize that the region of Agder hosts a number of exciting technology companies. The industrial evolution in Agder is sometimes overlooked, but we believe the region will continue to produce new technology and new jobs”, says Gahr Støre.

The Liberal Party (V) has already allocated MNOK 20 and the Christian Democrats (KrF) MNOK 40 for MIL.

“Our support for MIL should help Liberals and Christian Democrats when they start negotiations with the Conservative Party (H) and Progress Party (FrP) today”, says Gahr Støre.

The result of these negotiations will decide if MIL receives the governmental funding needed to buy the necessary equipment for the lab.