CEO Tom Cantero (right) and Tommy Hansen, Sales Manager Engineered Nitrogen Systems at Air Products during OTD Energy in Stavanger this week.

Handshakes, social un-distancing, and a packed concert hall. Life and business were back to some kind of normal at OTD Energy this week.

“Just to be out again, to meet people in person, is wonderful,” says Tom Cantero, CEO of Air Products. After two days at the first oil, gas and offshore wind conference and expo in a long time, Cantero put into words what many felt: A sense of normality.

“I think people from all parts of the supplier industry were keen on coming together,” says Ann Marchioro, Project Manager at GCE NODE. She had no trouble signing up eight NODE companies for the joint pavilion in the main hall. An additional ten GCE NODE companies had their own stands and even more participated as walk-arounds.

“It is the first time we have a joint pavilion at OTD. Feedback from participating companies is great. They are pleased to meet again, to socialize, and to do business. The academic program at OTD was strong, and emerging markets – especially offshore wind – filled an entire hall,” says Marchioro.

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Among the eight companies at the GCE NODE pavilion were SPEO Products and CEO Bernt Eriksen.

“We found it very useful to be part of the GCE NODE joint pavilion. Being part of a bigger stand produced more visitors and more relevant visitors. GCE NODE’s pavilion was well planned, well implemented, and well organized. The networking session Wednesday afternoon was especially good, with lots of people stopping by. As for OTD, it was one of the better events we have attended. And what a great feeling, to finally get out there and meet people in 3D,” says Eriksen.

Roy Jørgensen, CEO of Telaris, agrees.

“Great to be part of the NODE pavilion, even though we were placed at the far end. Being part of a joint stand automatically results in more visitors, as visitors to other companies as the stand also stop by our stand. For Telaris, OTD is a better experience than ONS. OTD is more oriented towards the supplier industry, it is smaller, and more relevant. We are happy to join GCE NODE at a future OTD event,” says Jørgensen.

Tom Cantero at Air Products has been a regular at both at ONS in Stavanger and OTC in Houston for many years.

“I think we expected more visitors at OTD. Even though the GCE NODE initiative to facilitate a joint stand is great, it is still up to the participating companies to generate visitors, and I think more companies could do a better job at that. As for OTD, we were pleased to be part of the event, but perhaps ONS – with its international focus – is a better match for us at Air Products,” says Cantero.

Wednesday night, OTD Energy put on a show which included Norwegian music greats, such as Dagny, Vamp, Postgirobygget and Adam Douglas.

The GCE NODE pavilion at OTD Energy 2021.