Plans for an offshore wind research center provides exciting opportunities for GCE NODE companies.

“We strongly encourage cluster companies to take a closer look at this,” says Tom Fidjeland, CEO of GCE NODE.

The universities in Agder, Stavanger and Bergen, together with NORCE, IFE, HVL, NHH and a number of companies, join forces to apply for funding for a Research Center for Environmentally Friendly Energy – focusing on offshore wind.

“Export-oriented companies within the supplier industry are specifically asked to participate. This is an exciting opportunity for GCE NODE companies”, says Fidjeland.

Research Centers for Environmentally Friendly Energy (Norwegian abbreviation: FME) are part of a large-scale governmental scheme aimed at solving climate and energy challenges and contributing to business development. They require a close and long-term collaboration between research and business sectors.

An FME receives MNOK 120 from The Research Council of Norway over a period of eight years. Participating companies must provide an equal amount in in-kind hours or cash.

The University of Agder is looking to partner with relevant companies in the Agder region along the following avenues of research:

Quantify health from multi-modal windfarm data (SCADA, CMS, O&M…)
Predictive analytics for load and resource forecasting.

Low-cost structural health monitoring
Real-time quantification of fatigue and detection of extreme load events

Electrical systems:
WT electrical system health management
Grid integration and stability analysis

Control systems:
Health-aware control systems
Dual objective optimization for life extension and profitability

Condition monitoring:
Diagnostics & prognostics for WT health state identification
Farm-level health monitoring solutions

O&M planning:
Dynamic health-based O&M planning using multi-objective optimization

“This should be relevant and of great interest to a number of GCE NODE companies,” says Fidjeland.

For more information about this initiative, please contact Tom Fidjeland.