Oda Rønholt Nilsen is Project Manager for NODE Young Professionals.

If you are under 35 years of age and employed by a NODE-company, you should consider joining NODE Young Professionals.

The network for the younger employees in NODE-companies is expanding.

– We used to be a selected group of people, all under the age of 30, called NODE Junior. Now, we are looking to include more people, to take on more responsibility and to raise the importance of the network. In doing this, we have changed the name from NODE Junior to NODE Young Professionals, explains Oda Rønholt Nilsen, Project Manager for NODE Young Professionals and Business Analyst for National Oilwell Varco.

Young Professionals is more than a network for peers to meet. It aims to build arenas that all NODE-companies’ employees will find valuable.

– Young Professionals is for all young employees who want to influence the future of the industry and who are passionate about building a stronger, more attractive region, says Nilsen.

The network has already decided to establish an informal meeting place for all employees, called Teknologipilsen (teknologi = technology, pilsen = beer). The first of three 2015-meets is scheduled for May. Furthermore, Young Professionals will facilitate a B2B speed-date session between NODE-companies this fall.

– We are also seeking partnership with Ungt Entreprenørskap in order to participate in their work in secondary schools in the region. And we would like to have an advisory role in which top executives can brainstorm and discuss new ideas or current issues with young people in the industry, says Nilsen.

We are in the process of putting together our leadership team for our network. As the team defines our projects, we will be looking for more passionate people to join us. Are you looking to grow your network within the NODE companies? Passionate about the growth and future of our region? Looking to make a difference in your organization? Join NODE Young Professionals! Contact us through Ann Marchioro in NODE.

Steering Committee for NODE Young Professionals:
Atle Stenfeldt-Gjersøe (Origo Solutions), Christer Haugland (AirProducts), Erik Ehlis (Nymo), Fredrik Haug (MacGregor), Georg Hafslund (MacGregor), Julie Bermudez (MHWirth), Jørgen Haaø (Cameron), Kjetil Kirkhus (Bravida Energy), Jonas Kvaale (NOV), Magnus Lund Håheim (Umoe Advanced Composites), Merethe Grovane Uleberg (Cameron), Morten Helleland (Bravida Energy), Oda Rønholt Nilsen (NOV), Stian Lantz (MHWirth) og Thomas Wikstøl (Devoteam).