Globetech CEO Hans Eirik Onarheim (center) in discussion with fellow Globetech founders Espen Tolfsen (left) and Atle Øya Fiskebekk.

“We are here to further grow our business,” says Hans Eirik Onarheim, CEO at Globetech, one of five companies attending a Quick Wins course in Kristiansand.

“We are undergoing a transformation, from kiosk to supermarket. Following continuous growth for some time, now is the time to align our thinking and workflow to better handle further growth,” says Onarheim. He runs a company that provides the maritime sector with ICT services and solutions, both offshore and onshore.

Globetech, along with fellow GCE NODE participants Norac, CtrlAltComplete, Innow and Advokatfirmaet Kjær, gathered at a hotel in Kristiansand this Thursday for the first of a series of three half-day events on Quick Wins, followed by another three titled Deep Dive.

Quick Wins and Deep Dive are part of GCE NODE Business Development Lab, offering a cloud-based industry-proven program for sustainable business development.

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Based on a digital maturity test, the program initiates a step-by-step process to develop viable business models focusing on increased competitiveness in both established and new markets. The program emphasizes how accelerated digitalization can increase both productivity and sustainability.

“The Quick Wins course identifies and prioritizes a few quick wins, based on the company’s current business model, a SWOT analysis and a heatmap. This is work that enables benefits for a company to be realized within weeks or at most 2-3 months,” explains Jan Helge Viste, Project Manager Business Development and Digitalization at GCE NODE.

Each participating company was assigned an experienced coach who will follow them through the entire process. Coaches include Egil Norman Olsen, Harald Holt, Øystein Aarrestad, Audun Skare and Jan Helge Viste.

“Companies started out by completing a maturity survey. By December they will have completed the full business development program. We are looking forward to some intense and educational weeks ahead,” says Viste.