Audun Sjursæther, Chief Operation Officer at QTC (right), came to OTC to promote their Safe Claw Iris, designed for a smoother handling of drill pipes.

We could be entering another year with Covid-19 restrictions and cancellations, but there is reason to believe that some major events will resurface in 2021.

GCE NODE plans to participate, in some way, at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston, Arendalsuka in Arendal and possibly also at OTD in Stavanger and/or Adipec in Abu Dhabi.

“Vaccine programs are just underway. It is hard to predict how fast the world will return to some kind
of normal. However, we are confident that some of these major events, which typically draw between 70,000 to 150,000 people, will be arranged in some form, either as physical events or hybrid events,” says Ann Marchioro, Project Manager at GCE NODE.

These are the major events that GCE NODE will be considering for 2021:

OTC, HOUSTON (16-19 August)
Postponed from May until August due to Covid-19. The new date coincides with Arendalsuka, presenting a dilemma as GCE NODE and the Agder delegation (comprising industry players and politicians) usually attend both. The political delegation has already decided not to travel to Houston, but rather prioritize Arendalsuka. The major question is of course: Will thousands of people from all over the world travel to Houston as early as August 2021?

The political and societal debate event for 2020 was cancelled in its entirety. For 2021, Arendalsuka will return to a physical event in Arendal and also include digital events. 2021 marks the 10-year anniversary and Arendalsuka will celebrate by hosting 10 stages for major events. Arendalsuka 2021 is just weeks before the Norwegian governmental election. GCE NODE plans to participate and arrange several events during Arendalsuka.

GCE NODE is considering a joint-pavilion at the 2021 OTD exhibition and conference in Stavanger. Many NODE-companies have a long tradition of participating at OTD, an arena tailormade for the offshore supplier industry. GCE NODE believes a joint-pavilion will provide NODE-companies with the opportunity to exhibit at a lower cost.

ADIPEC, ABU DHABI (8-11 November)
GCE NODE and the Agder delegation has normally preferred to travel to OTC in Houston rather than to Adipec in Abu Dhabi. In 2021, preferences may be different. With OTC in a scheduling conflict with Arendalsuka, and November being almost a year away, Adipec may prove to be a more realistic and interesting choice. Pending interest from its participants, GCE NODE is examining the possibility of arranging an Agder delegation to Abu Dhabi for the Adipec exhibition in combination with World Expo in Dubai.

If you have questions or would like to show an interest in any of these events, please contact Ann Marchioro.