Helge Grobæk at Maritime Forum South and Anne-Grete Ellingsen at GCE NODE.

GCE NODE and Maritime Forum South will share offices and cooperate.

”We have many common interests, and several companies are part of both networks. A stronger relationship between us will reinforce the maritime-oriented industries in our region”, says executive chairman Helge Grobæk at Maritime Forum South and CEO Anne-Grete Ellingsen at GCE NODE.

The boards of the two networks have already given their approval.

”GCE NODE has a well functioning administration that can also serve Maritime Forum South. Co-location of the two networks enables us to draw on each other’s expertise and experience”, says Grobæk.

”Technology and competence from the oil and gas industry provides new opportunities for NODE companies in areas such as offshore wind, subsea mining and aquaculture. The oceans are of course also the primary arena for Maritime Forum South, and this is where we find a lot of common interests”, says Ellingsen.

Maritime Forum South is one of eight regional maritime clusters, all affiliated to the Maritime Forum, yet independent legal entities. Maritime Forum South has 35 member companies in Telemark, Aust- and Vest-Agder.