Siv Emanuelsen from Kristiansand Skruefabrikk og Mek. Verksted (left) received flowers from Anne-Grete Ellingsen, CEO of GCE NODE, exactly 100 years after KSMV was founded.

Kristiansand Skruefabrikk og Mek. Verksted (KSMV) celebrated its first 100 years Thursday.

KSMV was founded by Otto Hansen on November 22, 1918. From a modest start, the business has gradually evolved to become one of Norway’s most advanced mechanical workshops. Today, KSMV serves both national and international clients within a wide range of industries, with most of our customers within the oil & gas and subsea segments.

KSMV dedicates much of the success to a talented workforce with focus on continuous improvement, and willingness to invest in modern CNC machines. KSMV is specializing in high precision machining, casting machining and traditional mechanical services.

KSMV is privately owned by the Otterlei Group AS of Arendal, Norway.