Singaporean companies that are looking for technology and solutions within the maritime and oil & gas industries are coming to Grimstad.

The Singaporean delegation is not yet concluded, but will include technology providers, technology adaptors/users, shipyards and investors within the maritime and O&G industry.

The objectives for the Singaporean delegation are to:

  • Create awareness and equip Singapore O&G companies with the emerging/ future trends in the offshore, subsea, maritime domains
  • Expose Singapore O&G companies to developments and opportunities in adjacent sectors like gas/ LNG and offshore renewables to encourage business diversification/ transformation
  • Provide an introductory platform for Singapore and Norwegian companies to sow the seeds of future winning partnerships, which marries the domain expertise of Norwegian companies with the local networks, productive capacities of Singapore companies to address opportunities in Asia and beyond
  • Provide networking opportunity for aspiring Norwegian companies to plug themselves into the Singapore ecosystems of companies partners/ investors/ suppliers and use Singapore as launch pad for adaptation of Norway technology into Asian markets Key target industry segments and technologies:

The delegation is specifically looking for Norwegian technology and solutions providers within the following industry segment:

Offshore oil & gas/ maritime technologies/ subsea: Autonomous & unmanned systems; Robotics & 3D printing in oil & gas; Deep-sea mining & minerals extraction; Composites in oil & gas; Future of Subsea processing & storage; Green ships systems including harbor infrastructure instrumentation – sensor and management communication solutions; Maritime Cleantech – battery and hybrid driven vessels.

GAS/ LNG: Norwegian companies offering design/ engineering capabilities in small scale regasification, liquefaction, containment etc. solutions; Norwegian companies with operations in distribution of small scale LNG (sea/land).

Offshore renewables: Technology and concepts for future, cost effective offshore wind.

The meeting at Fevik Strand Hotel in Grimstad is organized by GCE NODE, International Enterprise (IE) Singapore and Innovation Norway. From Grimstad, the Singaporean delegation will continue to Oslo, Trondheim and Bergen.