Top row (left-right): Kristen Strat (Innoventus Sør), Janne Nilsen (Innoventus Sør), Øystein Jørgensen (NFD) and Petter Amundsen (Innoventus Sør). Middle row (left-right): Rolf Egil Tønnessen (NFD), Kristina Maria Walker-Nordlöf (University of Agder) and Asle Pedersen (Innoventus Sør). Front row (left-right): Bernd Otto  Ewald (NFD), Kamilla Sharma (Innoventus Sør), Anne-Grete Ellingsen (GCE NODE), Bent Sunde (NFD) and Yngve Tufteland (NFD).

GCE NODE gave a presentation for government officials from The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries (NFD) at a meeting at Innoventus Sør in Kristiansand last week.

CEO Anne-Grete Ellingsen presented NODE as a cluster and some of the challenges facing NODE and companies within the cluster.

The meeting was part of the annual ‘emptying the offices’ at the Ministry, which had 38 groups of employees travel all over Norway to visit companies, industry associations, business clusters and municipalities.

Earlier the same week, another group from the same ministry visited GCE NODE.