MHWirth, together with Cognite and Precise Prediction, has completed the first part in digitizing its PHM (Prognostics and Health management) system.

Sensors in the drilling units transmit data via Cognite’s IOT platform, and the values from these are further transformed and visualized for technical personnel to perform condition based maintenance. The solution results in less operational downtime, as it is possible to carry out ongoing maintenance with significantly less operating impact than traditional periodic maintenance entails.

The development of the PHM system is an “on-going process”, and the next phase includes predictive alerts which, among other things, should be able to predict when components must be replaced or maintained based on actual operation. In addition to Cognites IOT platform, the software TIBCO Statistica and TIBCO Spotfire are used in the solution.

Øyvind Strømme, VP Service Products in MHWirth AS states: “Precise Prediction has high quality of its deliveries, and has delivered 100% according to plan in a strategically important area for MHWirth. We look forward to and have great expectations in the continuation of this collaboration.”

Kevin Gaze, Director of Customer Success at Cognite, says: “We look forward to contributing to MHWirth’s digitalization of maintenance monitoring through the use of Cognite Data Platform. By making the company’s data secure, MHWirth, in conjunction with Precise Precision, will be able to switch to a state-of-the-art maintenance program that reduces unnecessary maintenance and provides better and safer operations ”

“We are proud and grateful to have been allowed to contribute to this project. It has been a challenging but wonderful journey. Being part of developing a maintenance solution that we know will be a game changer in the oil industry is not something you get every day ”, says Per Baumann, Director of Sales & New Business in Precise Prediction.