Following a board meeting, board members took a look at the construction site (left-right): Kjetil Hellang – University of Agder (observer), Anstein Hagen - NOV, Anne-Grete Ellingsen - GCE NODE, Simone K. Heinz – University of Agder, Morten K. Bak - University of Agder (Project Manager), Kristin Wallevik - University of Agder (Chairman), Jøran Bøch - Egde Consulting, Øyvind Boye - Nymo, Fabian A. Andersen - University of Agder (observer) and Solveig R. Svendsberget - University of Agder. The building in the background is not part of MIL. Photo: Tor Martin Lien, University of Agder

The board of Mechatronics Innovation Lab (MIL) recently inspected the site where the new laboratory is being built.

For now, there is nothing more than a hole in the ground at the construction site at the University of Agder’ campus in Grimstad. But within a year, the building, which will hold the national test facility, should be completed.

Pending funding from the Government to buy the necessary equipment, the lab is scheduled to be operational soon after.

MIL-site, September 2016
MIL-site, September 2016. Photo: Tor Martin Lien, University of Agder