Left-right: Rector elect Frank Reichert (University of Agder), University Director Seunn Smith-Tønnessen (University of Agder), CEO Bjørn Vedal ( JB Ugland Eiendom) and Rector Torunn Lauvdal (University of Agder) in Grimstad Wednesday. Photo: Morten Rosenvinge, University of Agder

The contract that initiates the building of Mechatronics Innovation Lab was signed in Grimstad Wednesday.

“It is almost unreal that this great idea is about to become a reality. A lot of people have worked hard for us to reach this point. This is a milestone”, says Seunn Smith Tønnessen, University Director at the University of Agder.

She credits politicians, university staff and industry representatives, who have pulled together to plan and find funding for MIL.

JB Ugland Eiendom is to build MIL and one additional building at Campus Grimstad. Both buildings will be owned by Ugland and leased by the university – as is the case for all buildings at Campus Grimstad.

“The test lab is important for the whole region. The project serves as a good example of how private and public sector can cooperate”, says Bjørn Vedal, CEO for JB Ugland Eiendom.

Construction of the two new buildings will start early in 2016. The work will be completed a year after.

MIL cake
MIL cake. Photo: Morten Rosenvinge, University of Agder