Bjarne Larsen is Chief Engineer at MHWirth.

“MIL is the facility where we take the next steps towards more autonomous operations,” says Bjarne Larsen, Chief Engineer at MHWirth.

“MIL is just what we need, a facility that greatly improves our ability to do more structured and sophisticated tests. As operations are increasingly automated, our hydraulic and mechanical equipment must be more precise. A dedicated test lab, such as MIL, will serve as an enabler for more autonomous operations,” says Larsen.

Till now, he has run tests in the workshop at MHWirth’s main location in Kristiansand.

“Running tests in a production area is never an ideal set-up. Thus, we look forward to making use of MIL, both the physical location and the specialized test competence, which the lab will build and offer. We are also eager to explore the possibility of doing tests in a simulator, mixing reality and virtual reality,” says Larsen.

He applauds the establishment of Mechatronics Innovation Lab.

“MIL is good for the whole region, regardless of what kind of business you are in. The lab will create synergies between industries that will benefit all of Agder,” says Larsen.