Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Tina Bru, was given instructions from trainer Jan Finckenhagen at MacGregor’s virtual reality training facility in Arendal.

Tina Bru, Norwegian Minister of Petroleum and Energy, tested her skills as a crane operator at MacGregor’s training facility in Arendal Monday.

“Maybe something for me to fall back on”, said Bru laughingly after a brief virtual reality training session on board a ship at sea – perhaps mindful of the general election being just four weeks out.

The minister and several top-level officials from the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy spent a full two hours at the MacGregor Norway headquarters, on route to scheduled events at Arendalsuka which opened later the same day.

During her visit at MacGregor, the minister learned more about a company with deep roots in Arendal. MacGregor traditionally provides offshore cranes and anchoring systems to the maritime and oil & gas industries, but in recent years the focus has shifted more towards offshore wind. MacGregor provided anchoring systems for Equinor’s Hywind Scotland project and also offers other offshore wind installation solutions and offshore wind service.

“It is interesting to see how MacGregor has diversified, implementing a new strategy to serve both old and new markets,” says Bru.

18 months into the pandemic, Bru and her numerous entourage seemed thrilled to leave Oslo and be back on the road again.

“Finally! It is so important to get out and meet people and companies to learn more. We are happy to be here,” said Bru.

Minister of Petroleum and Energy, Tina Bru, met with a delegation from MacGregor and GCE NODE at the MacGregor headquarters in Arendal Monday.