The Research Council of Norway has granted funding to support a MNOK 10 drilling data project, which involves GCE NODE.

The primary objective of the project Drilling Data Hub Demonstration is to demonstrate a seamless integration and exchange of relevant data between all the parties involved in a drilling operation. This includes streaming data to operating companies’ offices and data management systems.

“The relevant providers and consumers of data in a drilling operation will be participating with their own workstations and software. The demonstration is to be performed in IRIS’ OpenLab Drilling’s virtual drilling environment,” says IRIS Vice President Erlend H. Vefring.

The OpenLab Drilling is on The Norwegian Roadmap for Research Infrastructure, and the demonstration will constitute the first large research project utilizing the infrastructure.

“This is just what we need. This is an opportunity to drive interoperability and demonstrate reliable access to real-time data in a safe and reliable way. The reference implementation will be made available for the whole industry,” says Anne-Grete Ellingsen, CEO of GCE NODE.

GCE NODE has for a long period of time worked with The Norwegian Oil & Gas Association, service companies and NODE companies to obtain effective data and information sharing through open protocols and information architecture. GCE NODE will in this project be involved with the strategic direction as well as effective adoption and standardization of the Drilling Data Hub.

The funding for Drilling Data Hub Demonstration is provided by DEMO 2000, a R&D program operated by the Research Council of Norway. RCN has allocated MNOK 85 to a total of 13 projects for demonstration and testing of new technology.

“The Government’s focus on research and technology development in the petroleum sector is crucial for us to also be able to develop energy resources on the Norwegian continental shelf in a profitable and sustainable manner, even in the future,” says Petroleum Director in RCN, Siri Helle Friedemann.