”Fantastic! This is the missing piece in the puzzle. Let’s get started!” says Anne-Grete Ellingsen, CEO of GCE NODE.

On Monday, Minister of Trade and Industry Monica Mæland, announced that the planned pilot test lab in Grimstad receives MNOK 20 in the revised national budget for 2015.

“We need more innovation. Mechatronics Innovation Lab will give businesses across the country access to new knowledge and technology and enhance the competitiveness of the Norwegian oil and gas industry. We also hope the new center will make it more attractive for foreign companies to invest in research and development in Norway”, says Mæland.

“MIL will help NODE-companies develop new and more cost-effective technologies and solutions. NODE also focuses on opportunities in other industries where our cluster expertise and technology can be used. Several NODE companies are already suppliers to other energy and industrial sectors”, says Ellingsen.

She praises Minister Mæland and members of parliament from Agder, who have worked hard for funding for the lab – and the strong cooperation between the University of Agder, which will host the lab, Ugland Eiendom and GCE NODE.

NODE companies are already committed to spending MNOK 50 in the lab. Skeie Group has given MNOK 10 and Ugland Eiendom is ready to build the necessary buildings.


April 18th 2024

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