To accommodate the demand for more flexible funding schemes in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic, new rules apply for PES2020 applications.

Applications for PES2020 funding would normally have to be submitted at the latest four weeks before the relevant EU application submission deadline. Starting May 1, the four-week rule is no longer in effect. The new PES2020 submission deadline will be identical with the project submission deadline.

The PES2020 scheme helps to strengthen Norwegian participation under Horizon2020 (H2020) and improve returns in the form of project funding under the EU framework program. The PES2020 scheme is designed to relieve some of the cost burden for Norwegian applicants related to the preparation of project proposals, and to raise the overall competence of Norwegian applicants with regard to participation under H2020.

Funding under the scheme will also help to enhance the quality of the proposals submitted, increase the number of proposals involving Norwegian participants and encourage the participation of new applicants in EU projects.

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