Budget negotiations secured final MNOK 30 for Mechatronics Innovation Lab.

Saturday night, after weeks of negotiations, the ruling and supporting political parties came to an agreement on the national budget for 2017. In it: The final MNOK 30 needed to buy the necessary equipment for Mechatronics Innovation Lab.

“Fantastic news! A warm thank you to The Liberal Party and The Christian Democratic Party for their support for MIL and for securing the money which will make MIL an important national pilot testing facility,” says Anne-Grete Ellingsen, CEO at GCE NODE.

“The entire region has voiced its opinion and stood together in this matter. Congratulations to all of us!” says Ellingsen.

MIL will help NODE-companies develop new and more cost-effective technologies and solutions. NODE will also focus on opportunities in other industries where existing expertise and technology can be utilized.