Left-right: Høye G. Høyesen, Elin Vatne and Jøran Bøch were re-elected and elected to the board of GCE NODE.

Elin Vatne and Jøran Bøch were elected as new board members of GCE NODE at the Annual Meeting Thursday.

Høye G. Høyesen, CEO of MacGregor Norway, who has already served two terms on the board, was re-elected.

Elin Vatne is CEO of Boss Industri in Kristiansand and Jøran Bøch is CEO of Egde Consulting in Grimstad. Both are long-time participants of GCE NODE.

Vatne and Bøch were elected as representatives for the small and medium-sized enterprises in GCE NODE. A change in the statutes for GCE NODE was made to give SMEs three – up from two – representatives on the new board.

The new board of GCE NODE:

  • Frode Jensen (chairman), General Manager of National Oilwell Varco Norway
  • Finn Amund Norbye, CEO MHWirth
  • Jarle Dyrdal, CEO Cameron Sense
  • Høye G. Høyesen, CEO MacGregor Norway
  • Philip M. H. Pedersen, CEO Sweco
  • Frank Reichert, Rector University of Agder
  • Elin Vatne, CEO Boss Industri
  • Jøran Bøch, CEO Egde Consulting
The board of GCE NODE (left-right): Høye G. Høyesen, Anne-Grete Ellingsen (CEO, not on the board), Frank Reichert, Frode Jensen, Finn Amund Norbye, Elin Vatne and Jøran Bøch. Not present: Jarle Dyrdal and Philip Pedersen.

New election committee:

  • Morten Martens Breivik (leader), Telenor Maritime
  • Tom Cantero, Air Products
  • Tom Harald Svennevig, Umoe Mandal