Front row (left-right): Magne Dåstøl (Styrhuset - M), Tora Elisabeth Hansen-Tangen (MHWirth - M), Colleen Delane Skibsrud (NOV - M), Gro Eide (Elkem), Marianne Slottet (GE - P) and Tone Flovik (NOV). Second row: Gunnar Kulia (Styrhuset - M), Diana Maria Djupesland (Elkem - M), Ida Therese Hegge (Elkem Carbon - P), Ragnhild Grindland (NOV - M), Gerd Inger Egset (MacGregor - P), Paal Espen Dybvik (NOV - M) and Kjell Blandhol (Elkem - M). Third row: Bjørn Tore Lenes (Align - M), Anne Lill Fjermeros (Huntonit - P), Morten Kostøl (KSMV - P), Siv M.K. Emanuelsen (Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials - P), Betty Åsheim (Saint Goblin - M), Elin Strand (Huntonit), Lene Merethe Liodden (MHWirth - P), Lars Petter Maltby (Eyde-nettverket - M) and Tone Wiese-Hansen (MacGregor - P). Back row: Kjell Arild Grønås (Qmatec - M), Henning Grosås (NOV - M), Harry Salvesen (Alcoa - M), Harald Sagedal (Huntonit - P), Rune Skuggedal (Elkem - P) and Håkon Øgaard (CR Group).

15 mentors and 15 protégées are ready for the third edition of NEW Mentor.

”We are thrilled to launch a new mentor program for managers in NODE and Eyde companies. We seem to have found very competent mentors, and protégées that are eager to learn”, says Elin Strand, Project Manager for NEW Mentor and Department Manager at Huntonit.

NEW Mentor is a place for talent and experience to meet. The idea is to match a senior manager or executive with a relatively new manager.

“If the protégée is from a NODE-company, the mentor will be from an Eyde-company, and vice versa. We find it rewarding to work across industries. It broadens the scope”, says Strand.

The 18-months long program kicked off in Kristiansand Friday. NEW Mentor is organized by NEW (NODE Eyde Women), but both women and men are eligible to enter.

“We have a good gender mix, close to 50-50”, says Strand.

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NEW Mentor project group (left-right): Gro Eide (Elkem), Elin Strand (Huntonit) and Tone Flovik (National Oilwell Varco). Back: Consultant Håkon Øgaard (CR Group).
NEW Mentor project group (left-right): Gro Eide (Elkem), Tone Flovik (National Oilwell Varco) and Elin Strand (Huntonit). Back: Consultant Håkon Øgaard (CR Group).