Left-right: Jan Martin Grindheim (MacGregor), Eirik Byklum (Statoil’s New Energy Solutions) and Jon Høvik (MacGregor) have already entered the offshore wind market.

Giant floating wind turbines represent a new business opportunity for NODE companies. Several have already entered the offshore wind market.

“Technology and competence from the oil and gas industry is definitely transferable to offshore wind”, says Eirik Byklum at Statoil’s New Energy Solutions.

“Norway’s greatest advantage within offshore wind is our unique offshore competence. Other nations may be more experienced when it comes to wind power and will gain offshore competence as the years go by. But right now there is a window of opportunity for Norwegian companies to secure a place in an evolving global market”, says Byklum.

Statoil has already had its Hywind prototype wind turbine floating and installed for five years. The next step is to build a pilot park in Scotland, consisting of five 6 MW floating turbines operating in waters more than 100 meters deep.

MacGregor in Arendal has been awarded a contract for an anchoring system at this wind park.

“We feel we have a lot to offer the market: Extensive experience from offshore mooring, high competence on chains, in-depth understanding of fatigue and state-of-the-art heave compensated cranes. We draw heavily on expertise built in the oil and gas industry”, says Technical Director Jon Høvik at MacGregor.

Offshore wind presents new business opportunities for offshore tech companies. Both Umoe Mandal and Norsafe are working to build boats able to tackle higher waves for transport of personnel to, from and within offshore wind farms. And MacGregor just recently started marketing a brand new 3D heave compensated gangway which is designed to load and offload personnel at a wind turbine.

Interest for offshore wind is growing. A new GCE NODE seminar gathered close to 50 participants in Kristiansand Thursday. That is nearly twice as many as at the first seminar four months ago.

GCE NODE’s Offshore Wind project aims to identify new business opportunities for NODE companies.