Innovation Norway is looking for 8-10 companies with technologies for harsh environments and remote locations.

Global Growth is a series of export programs delivered by Innovation Norway to help Norwegian companies grow in international markets. Participation will increase speed and reduce risk when pursuing new, international business opportunities. Each program is tailor-made for a group of companies having products, services or technologies that solve problems in specific sectors or industries.

While Norway is an Arctic nation, with more than 40% of its territory lying north of the Arctic Circle, Norway also plays an active role in Antarctica, claiming approximately 2 million square kilometers of the Antarctic continent. A total of 30 countries, all signatories to the Antarctic Treaty, operate seasonal and year-round research stations on the continent. The operations require technology, infrastructure and equipment specifically developed for remote locations in harsh conditions.

Norway and Argentina share a common history in exploration of the Antarctic continent. Argentina is now looking for partnerships that can lead to long-term sustainable cooperation. Argentina has a total of 13 research stations from which 6 are staffed around the year and 7 are only operating in the summer months. Most of the stations need modernization. They also share requirements concerning analytical and meteorological automatic stations, communication and infrastructure equipment.

The Southern region of Argentina, Tierra del Fuego, faces many of the same challenges as the Northern regions of Norway with a harsh climate. Hammerfest and Ushuaia are linked together as sister cities as Hammerfest is the northernmost city and Ushuaia the southernmost city in the world. Ushuaia is not only the most important hub for Argentinean traffic to Antarctica, but also serves as one of five international official gateways to the Antarctic continent.

The traffic to the harbor of Ushuaia is expected to increase approximately 40% over the next years according to the Tierra del Fuego administration. This has created a demand leading to a projected second port in Ushuaia and suitable infrastructure to support an increase in tourism and traffic to and from the Antarctic peninsula. Another port is also projected in Rio Grande, another city in Tierra del Fuego, which is also serving as an important hub for traffic to the southern polar areas. The country is also evaluating an update to its fleet of polar vessels to attend the growing demand in the region.

The Global Growth Antarctic Technologies program consists of a couple of meetings in Norway and 2 one-week group visits to Argentina including meetings with relevant business and institutional decision makers seeking to explore opportunities. Before, during and after the visits the participating companies will have access to network and competence of a specific advisor to support the follow-up of leads and the development of a best possible market entry strategy.

During the program the companies will be supported by Kjell Hilde, an external advisor contracted by Innovation Norway. Hilde has been working on similar internationalization projects for Innovation Norway since 2011 and had a long and broad experience helping businesses grow and entering new markets. His specialties are business development and strategy, as well as market entry strategies and implementation programs.

The program is designed for Norwegian companies that deliver solutions for polar areas such as competence, logistics, communication, monitoring and autonomous technologies. A maximum of 8 to 10 companies will be accepted to participate in the program.

Kick-off workshop (Norway) – 22. August 2018 (TBD)
1st market visit Argentina – 1st week of October 2018
2nd meeting with follow-up on results of 1st market visit (Norway) – mid-November 2018
Follow-up on leads and advanced planning – November 2018- February 2019
2nd market visit (Argentina) – February/March 2019
Final workshop with presentation of findings (Norway) – March/April 2019

Innovation Norway Arctic or Innovation South America: Project leader Heidi Andreassen, or +47 41 65 03 58, internationalization advisor Edvard Kiil at or +47 95 73 97 76, Innovation Norway South America and Export Credit Norway, Martin Nietz,