Valuable minerals are sucked up from the seabed and transported up to the support vessel. (Image from NMANNewsDirect-video)

A new project will explore how technology and know-how from NODE companies can be used in deep sea mining.

“Norwegian offshore-related companies have a technological base that can be applied to deep sea mining. NODE companies are already suppliers of offshore cranes, winches, risers, supply-vessels, membranes and pumps that are relevant for the industry. We are looking to identify research projects that could elevate our cluster companies to be important players within this field”, says Marit Dolmen, Head of RD&I at GCE NODE.

VIDEO: How deep sea mining works

Deep sea mining is a relatively new and immature industry, but has the potential to become a larger, global industry. Norway’s strong traditions within the maritime and oil & gas sectors, combined with the ability to deliver high-quality products and services in accordance with environmental and safety standards, could prove valuable.

“We are certain that our knowledge of how to operate at great depths will be of importance to deep sea mining”, says Dolmen.

Funded by the Regional Research Fund in Agder, the project aims to qualify GCE NODE for larger research projects within blue growth and EU program Horizon 2020.

Participants in the project are:

  • National Oilwell Varco Norway
  • MHWirth
  • Cameron Sense
  • MacGregor Norway
  • MacGregor Pusnes
  • Mandals
  • Qmatec
  • NIVA
  • Teknova
  • UiA