Throwback to OTC 2016: Trey Mebane brought gifts to make his Norwegian friends look more cowboy-e: (left-right) Morten Paulsen, Consul General at the Norwegian Consulate in Houston, Anne-Grete Ellingsen, CEO of GCE NODE, Trey Mebane and Harald Furre, Mayor of Kristiansand.

Even though OTC 2022 was a great success, the Norway2OTC partners have decided not to host a joint Norwegian delegation in 2023.

In 2009, GCE NODE and the Agder Region visited Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in Houston for the first time. Since then, an Agder delegation consisting of representatives from companies, government, public sector, academia, research institutes and business organizations, has attended OTC 11 times.

A wide range of events have been hosted over the years including technical seminars focusing on advanced drilling technology, digitalization and most recently new energies such as hydrogen and offshore wind as well as CCUS.

A close cooperation formed between GCE NODE, Greater Stavanger, GCE Ocean Technology, Energy Valley, Norwegian Energy Solutions and NORWEP resulted in the joint Norwegian delegation Norway2OTC. After postponements in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, GCE NODE was happy to once again host the Norway2OTC delegation together with the other partners. It was concluded that this year’s program was the strongest ever.

During the visit it was obvious that Houston continues to be a major technology and energy hub with a very high level of competency and innovation speed. Houston is determined to be a key player and driver of the transition to new energy solutions and reduced emissions.

Even though OTC 2022 was a great success, the Norway2OTC partners have decided not to host a joint Norwegian delegation in 2023. The reason being that a number of Norwegian companies are now well-established in the Houston-area. Many other Norwegian companies are doing business with Houston-based companies on a regular basis, a direct result of having established strong relations over the years. The Norway2OTC partners see a need to shift focus to the wide-range of emerging markets in the energy sector and establishing relations in other geographical areas.

There will still be a number of events during OTC 2023, arranged by among others NORWEP, which Norwegian companies are welcome to attend. NORWEP’s seminars will focus primarily on market opportunities.

For additional information kindly contact Hege Kongstein, Project Manager at NORWEP (+47 98 22 96 66) or Ann Marchioro, Project Manager at GCE NODE (+47 90 02 18 13).

A heartfelt thanks to everyone who over the years have contributed to making the Agder OTC delegation one of GCE NODE’s most popular and successful events.