NODE is a proud supporter of TV-aksjonen, a Norwegian fundraising initiative from the national public broadcaster, NRK.

For 40 years, TV-aksjonen has raised money to support different non-govermental organizations (NGOs). The average amount of money raised yearly is approximately MUSD 35.

This year, the selected recipient NGO is The Norwegian Church Aid and their project Water Changes Everything, which aims to provide continual access to clean water to 1 million people in Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Tanzania, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Haiti.

Water is fundamental for life and good health. 780 million people on all continents do not have access to clean water. More than 3.4 million people die every year due to illnesses related to lack of clean water, sanitary facilities and hygiene. 99 per cent of these deaths occur in developing countries.

Finding clean water is enormously time consuming for many people around the world. In just one day, girls and women spend 200 million hours finding water for their families, which is equivalent to building 28 Empire State buildings every day.

Investments in clean water generate economic growth. On the average, 1 dollar invested gives an 8 dollar return. Money from TV-aksjonen on October 19th, will be used to drill and rehabilitate old drinking wells, install hand pumps, build systems for collecting rain water and build solar powered wells.

– Drilling is a link between NODE and the water project, and some NODE companies are involved in water-related projects. But apart from that, NODE has decided to support TV-aksjonen simply because it is the right thing to do, says NODE’s project manager Ann Marchioro.

NODE companies are encouraged to donate money to TV-aksjonen and NODE-employees will participate in a telemarketing event to raise money.