Marianne Engvoll, RD&I Manager at GCE NODE.

The Research Council of Norway has announced NOK 1.2 billion available to support innovation projects within the industrial sector. GCE NODE can help your company secure funding and realise your best project ideas.

The Innovation Projects for the Industrial Sector (IPN’s) should contribute significantly to renewal and increased value creation for the participating companies, and it should yield socioeconomic benefits by making new knowledge and solutions available.

The project funding from the Research Council is intended to encourage companies to invest more in R&D activities that can promote innovation and thereby expand the opportunities for sustainable growth and enhance the competitiveness of the companies.

Learn more about Innovation Projects (IPN).

The Research Council of Norway has recently announced that they will make several adjustments to help companies innovate despite challenges caused by Covid-19. Four of the resent announced changes are:

  • Start with ongoing intake of innovation projects from the industrial sector (IPN) and grant new projects three or four times during 2020 (normally just one deadline). NOK 1.2 billion is available for new IPN projects in 2020. This framework will be continuously evaluated.
  • Use the flexibility in the State Aid Code’s with respect to the degree of support and type of in-kind required in different types of projects.
  • Skattefunn applications will be processed within three weeks until summer.
  • Skattefunn projects that have been initiated and are delayed as a result of the situation, may request a one-year extension.

Go to the Research Council’s webpage for more information.


GCE NODE provides support and advice in order for NODE companies to establish externally funded RD&I projects. Please do not hesitate to contact RD&I Manager Marianne Engvoll to learn how we can contribute.

Please join our webinar with The Research Council of Norway on Monday March 30.