CEO of Noroff, Lars Erik Torjussen, is proud to present a third bachelor program within IT security at Noroff University College.

Noroff University College offers a new IT bachelor program in cyber security.

“The program teaches how to secure digital systems from cyber attacks, cyber crime, and digital warfare. It enables you to reduce digital vulnerability and work practically with IT security,” says Lars Erik Torjussen, CEO at Noroff.

Digitalization presents a number of challenges, including how to secure the systems that are vital to our everyday lives. The critical infrastructure that underpins our society, relies on some form of digital system.

“Cyber security experts are needed to work across all subject domains including science, industry and government, to secure and protect virtual digital assets,” says Torjussen.

Cyber Security is Noroff’s third bachelor program within IT security.

«The industry is in demand of IT expertise. We will continue for offer relevant programs to an increasing number of students at our physical and virtual campuses,” says Torjussen.

Established in 2012, Noroff University College has grown from a mere 9 students in its opening semester, to 250 students last year, and to 400 students this year. In addition, Noroff has 1400 vocational students in Noroff Fagskole.