Illustration from Norsafe’s application to The Research Council of Norway.

Norsafe R&D has filed a second application for future R&D funding, this time with The Research Council of Norway and different partners.

The industrial innovation project, including research and experimental testing, is called Intelliboat and aims to include a large number of sensors into a fast small ship (FSS).

“By integrating sensors in such boats, a number of potential new innovations are planned, which will enable Norsafe and our customers to secure safer and more effective lifetime boat operations,” explains Erik Mostert, Project Manager at Norsafe.

“There is a direct link to Norsafe’s long experience with lifeboat evaluation to three important focus areas that are addressed: Human injury prediction, structural capacity/effect prediction, and sea keeping effect analysis and machine human interface,” says Mostert.

The proposal was written together with TNO, Sintef Digital, Maritime Robotics, University of Agder, Marin, Fireco and CFD Marine. The specific research is focused on a methodology called dosimetry, which will be explained when the potential for patenting this idea is fully evaluated.

Norsafe received support from Innovation Norway to write the application. In 2017, Norsafe tried to apply for a similar project.

“After the evaluation, even though our score was not too bad, we did not receive funding. This time, we have received intensive help in the application phase from GCE NODE and support from Innovation Norway. Their critical eye and experience in these kinds of applications has been very important, and has improved the content of the application. We would like to thank everyone that has contributed,” says Mostert.

The research council’s evaluation is expected before Christmas.