A new offshore wind study program for professionals and fresh graduates is offered by the University of Agder, GCE NODE, Equinor, and Windport.

Flexible Learning for Offshore Wind (FLOW) is a 30 ECTS study program designed and developed for professionals who would like to re-orient their career towards the offshore wind sector, as well as fresh graduates who would like to build up their career within the offshore wind industry.

The program has four major modules of 7.5 ECTS each, comprehensively covering different aspects of offshore wind energy technology. Each main module is further divided in to three sub modules of 2.5 ECTS. The program is designed with flexibility in learning and the modules and submodules can be taken independently or in combinations.

Norway has an ambitious plan for large-scale development of its offshore wind capacity. Skilled human capacity, well-trained in various sectors of offshore wind power, is essential for the successful planning, development, and management of these large-scale offshore wind energy projects.

For example, in a recent study, it is estimated that Norway may need 52,000 new professionals in the offshore wind sector by 2050.

An efficient way to develop this required human capacity is to empower the existing workforce in the offshore industries with the skillsets required for offshore wind energy projects through focused and well-structured educational programs. Young professionals who would like to build up their career within the offshore wind industry can also benefit from such programs.

The FLOW program is offered by the University of Agder, GCE NODE, Equinor, and Windport and funded by the Directorate for Higher Education and Skills.

The study is offered at bachelor’s level at the universities/colleges. Candidates with the necessary qualifications to be admitted to a bachelor’s degree in science or technology at UiA are therefore eligible to participate in the program.

Modules will be offered mainly through online classes which will be supplemented by limited physical learning sessions. Hands-on trainings and project-based evaluation are emphasized. The program will be designed with flexible schedules to cater the needs of working professionals. The courses will be designed and implemented in close collaboration with the industries.

The four main modules are Wind energy fundamentals, Offshore wind structures, Planning, design, and development of offshore wind projects, and Operation and management of offshore wind farms.

Read more and apply by January 15, 2024

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