Project Manager Tanja Erichsen hosted the second meeting of the H2 Agder Network in Grimstad Friday morning.

In just two months, 67 companies have joined the new Agder hydrogen network. “Interest is overwhelming,” says Project Manager Tanja Erichsen.

Kickstarted by a grant to build a hydrogen factory in Kristiansand, H2 Agder Network has drawn a lot of attention and interest in the Agder region. Regional players, both public and private, have very quickly become very supportive and engaged in hydrogen.

Partners in the Agder H2 Network are GCE NODE, Greenstat, Nikkelverket, Agder Energi, the University of Agder, NORCE, Agder County and Business Region Kristiansand. The project is run by GCE NODE and supported by Sørlandets Kompetansefond.

“Agder H2 is a new network for those who already work with hydrogen, and those who are exploring the possibilities that this new market offers. If you are interested in hydrogen and the green shift, you are invited to join the network. Membership is free and industry independent,” says Erichsen.

She hosted the second H2 Agder Network meeting in Grimstad Friday morning. Speakers included representatives of Agder County, the University of Agder, Umoe Advanced Composites, Otechos, H2House, Norce, Skeie Eiendom, and Fagskolen i Agder.

“We are very focused on building competence in hydrogen together with both academic partners and industry players,” says Erichsen, who is both Senior Manager Business Development at Greenstat and Project Manager for Agder H2.

In June 2022, Greenstat and Everfuel received a governmental grant of NOK 148 million to build a hydrogen factory in Kristiansand. The factory is scheduled to start production in the last quarter of 2024, as one of five coastal plants that are supported by the government to grow the Norwegian hydrogen industry.

Norway, with its coastline, resources and expertise have some natural advantages and is considered to be a future key player in the international hydrogen market.

A report from Menon Economics states that hydrogen in Norway is a NOK 1.5 billion industry with 815 jobs and close to NOK 1 billion in exports. By 2030, Menon estimates that hydrogen will have grown to a NOK 83 billion industry with 5,800 jobs and NOK 61 billion in exports.

“This presents great opportunities,” says Erichsen.

The three-year Agder H2 Network project comprises five work packages:
1. Mapping of hydrogen projects in Agder
2. Promoting cooperation and creating synergies between projects and with other hydrogen networks in Norway.
3. Taking part in European projects, especially in the transportation sector
4. Running and developing a regional hydrogen network
5. Positioning Agder in the hydrogen industry

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