Do you have a product that can help Equinor increase safety, reduce environmental footprint and/or lower cost?

GCE NODE, in cooperation with Innoventus Sør, invite start-ups and scale-up companies to present their technology and solutions to Equinor Technology Ventures in March 2019.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to assist start-ups and scale-ups, we have arranged for a pitching session with Equinor Technology Ventures that invests in early phase technology. This is an excellent opportunity to meet a potential investor that can help you evolve your technology and grow your business,” says Anne-Grete Ellingsen, CEO of GCE NODE.

GCE NODE has previously engaged in various projects, such as the 2016 Greenhouse project, which resulted in 15 new companies, of which two were accepted in to Innoventus South’s incubator program. GCE NODE has also cooperated with Boston MIT and Scottish Highland for scale-up programs, and has run an Innovation Norway funded pilot program for 10 companies, in cooperation with NCE Eyde. This program has been adopted by other clusters. Phase 2 of the scale-up program is currently underway in NODE’s Business Development Lab, where four scale-up companies participate.

A strong strategic fit is the fundamental criterion for Equinor Technology Ventures(ETV), which is Equinor’s oil and gas corporate venture unit. If the strategic fit is strong, ETV will look for product or services that can be implemented in Equinor`s value chain and result in significant revenue growth, cost reduction and /or improved HSE. ETV will also look for companies active in markets that are large enough to allow the company to grow quickly to a significant size.

Companies should have management teams that have the drive to build successful world-class companies, have entrepreneurial experience and strong commitment. Companies should also show competitive advantages and an ability to sustain these advantages over several years. Last but not the least, there should be a strong outlook for a successful exit.

Equinor Technology Venturesoffers two types of early investments support: Project specific funding, technical advisory and planning for first use of the technology in Equinor operations – but also equity funding to develop, validate and pilot technologies, and build the organization to support sales and service delivery.

If you would like to participate and meet Equinor Technology Ventures, you need to complete an application form (please contact Project Manager Bjørn Saltermark at GCE NODE). Based on the information given, the most relevant companies will be invited to participate in a process that will lead up to a meeting with ETV on March 28, 2019.