Left-right: Per Lindholdt (CEO, Diinef), Egil Myr (CEO, Engineering Systems), Preben Guttormsen (CEO, Panterra), Anne-Grete Ellingsen (CEO, GCE NODE), Egil Norman Olsen (Project Manager, GCE NODE), Frode Alfsen (Panterra partner),Harald Holt (Project Manager, GCE NODE), Audun Skare (Project Manager, GCE NODE), Martin Myraker (Coach, GCE NODE), Jan Helge Viste (Project Manager Digitalization, GCE NODE) and Nils Stray (CEO, Bestra).

Four GCE NODE companies take part in a new project designed to develop and grow their businesses.

“We benefitted greatly from Scale Up 1 and are keen to continue the process in this new project. We are happy to be part of Scale Up 2 and eager to get started,” says Preben Guttormsen, CEO of Panterra.

Wednesday, he attended the kickoff for the project that is limited to four participating companies. These are Panterra, Diinef, Bestra and Engineering Systems. Each company is coupled with a mentor/coach, all of whom are seasoned business managers or business developers.

An essential part of the project is to make use of a methodology for increased competitiveness, called Flourishing Business Canvas. In the flourishing business canvas, societal and environmental issues are considered, in addition to economical ones. The canvas provides various methods and measures companies can apply to achieve the goal of increased productivity and competitiveness.

“This is perfectly suited for businesses that are past the start-up stage and have a potential for growth in revenue, number of employees and markets,” says Egil Norman Olsen, Project Manager for GCE NODE.

Scale Up 2 consists of two major parts: quick wins and deep dives.

“For the next two months, we will focus on quick wins, that is simple adjustments that the company can implement for increased performance. In January, we will dive deeper and identify the more complex issues that need be addressed in order to scale up the business,” says Olsen.

Participants will meet regularly for lectures and seminars, and are required to complete a series of online education courses in between lectures and seminars.

The project is funded by Innovation Norway and in-kind hours from participating companies.