Underwater data communication is very demanding. Join a workshop in Grimstad to find new approaches and smarter devices for real-time data transfer from underwater sensors to cloud.

There is a clear expectation that all sensors and control systems should have connectivity so that we have instant access to measurement data and the ability to remotely control and monitor systems in real-time.

This applies even to sensors and systems underwater, but wireless communication is a particular challenge in this context. Therefore, an underwater network must be designed with completely different framework conditions than a network above water.

“There are many exciting challenges here, both for physical transmission between devices and for data management in the network,” says Ingvar Henne, the new director of SFI Smart Ocean, a center for research-based innovation, working to develop underwater wireless communication solutions for the benefit of science and industry.

In 2020, The Research Council of Norway granted NOK 96 million and SFI status to Smart Ocean, which has partners (including GCE NODE) from both industry and research institutions as well as public authorities. Its work is aimed at user groups within three main areas: Ocean Environment, Ocean Industry (mainly offshore wind, the petroleum industry and aquaculture) and Society and Administration.

Interested parties are invited to two workshops in Bergen and Agder, in collaboration with GCE NODE, SFI Offshore Mechatronics and GCE Ocean Technology, to exchange ideas for new innovations and research activities in the two regions.

These two SFIs have overlapping and adjacent thematic areas which are relevant for the evolving offshore renewable energy sector and ocean farming. Common possibilities relevant for the industry will be examined during the workshops.

“There are lots of valuable results from the past eight years of SFI Offshore Mechatronics research that are relevant to the offshore renewable energy sector and aquaculture. Spin-off possibilities for further research in cooperation with SFI Smart Ocean look very promising,“ says Geir Grasmo, Director of SFI Offshore Mechatronics.

Lead by NORCE and GCE NODE, the Agder event is set in Grimstad on 24 August as a joint workshop for SFI Offshore Mechatronics and SFI Smart Ocean. Focus is to examine ocean technologies that enable future needs for operations and condition-based maintenance with offshore and the marine and maritime sectors.

«We encourage the supplier industry to participate. There are opportunities for innovation and technology transfer that are highly relevant,” says Christian von der Ohe, RD&I Manager at GCE NODE.

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