CEO of StepChange, Øyvind Mydland (left) and CEO of Red Rock, Christoffer Jørgenvåg.

Red Rock and StepChange join forces to strengthen the position within digitalization in marine, energy, industry and transport sectors

“Merger of Red Rock and StepChange strengthens our positioning within digital transformation of operations”, says CEO of Red Rock, Christoffer Jørgenvåg.

“We focus on smart, remote and robotic equipment, autonomous subsystems and smart and robotized operations”.

Red Rock delivers digitalized load handling equipment with remote control and autonomous operation, IT solutions for passenger transport and software development for operation and logistics.

StepChange is a consulting company that works for energy companies to gain effect from digitization and provides an integrated software platform / 3D model for increased work efficiency and use of artificial intelligence.

The companies complement each other’s expertise and solutions and are now collaborating for further growth.

In the initial phase, Stepchange will be a subsidiary of Red Rock.