Bjørn Martin Klokkernes is the Managing Director of Star Information Systems.

Norwegian private equity company Longship has acquired a majority stake in Star Information Systems, paving the way for accelerated growth.

“STAR is well-positioned to lead in the maritime software landscape as the industry transitions from on-premise to web-enabled solutions. Through our investment, Longship aims to collaborate closely with STAR’s existing stakeholders to drive the company’s continued growth within maritime and adjacent markets,” says Johan Anstensrud, lead partner for Longship’s investment.

While Longship takes a more prominent ownership role, the founders of Star Information Systems remain important shareholders and will be actively involved. This ensures a seamless transition and a continued commitment to our overarching goal – to be the leading EAM software supplier to the energy and maritime industry.

“Star Information Systems, with a solid foundation in the energy and maritime software sector and notable financial achievements in recent years, is positioned for significant growth. By joining forces with Longship, we aim to propel the company to new heights, unlock increased potential, and drive accelerated development,” says Bjørn Martin Klokkernes, Managing Director at Star Information Systems.

As Star Information Systems undergoes strategic changes in collaboration with Longship, the founders express an optimistic outlook for the company’s future. The recent initiatives, including the launch of STAR Suite, set the stage for steady evolution and growth.

Per Anders Koien, Product Director and one of the founders of Star Information Systems, shares his thoughts on this transformative phase: “The groundwork has been laid, and we are confident and excited about this next step and the potential it brings. With Longship and the STAR team, we are looking ahead and expect a future with great achievements, client satisfaction, and a commitment to maintaining a competitive edge in the industry.”