Arnt Aske

OPC UA offers a way for operators, suppliers, service providers and others to share data.

“Sharing data throughout the value chain will make the oil and gas industry more productive and cost efficient. The key is to establish a secure and standardized way where systems and devices can exchange and interpret shared data. OPC UA does exactly that”, says Arnt Aske, Business Development Digitalization at GCE NODE.

OPC UA (Open Platform Communication Unified Architecture) is an architecture that systemizes how to model data, model systems, model machines and model entire plants. You can model anything in OPC UA.

It is a technology that provides layers of security that include authorization, authentication and auditing. OPC UA is designed to interconnect databases, analytical tools and business systems with real-time data management systems, sensors, actuators and monitoring devices.

“OPC UA is the first communication technology built specifically to live in that “no man’s land” where data must traverse firewalls, specialized platforms and security barriers to arrive at a place where that data can be turned into information”, says Aske.

Subsea network MDIS and Statoil have chosen OPC UA as their digital collaborative platform.

On December 1st, GCE NODE offers a two-hour course on OPC UA. The course is aimed at managers and technical personnel involved in “big data” and digital services.

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