Frontica Engineering is one of six new participants accepted by the Board of Directors of GCE NODE.

Frontica Engineering in Kristiansand is a subsidiary of MHWirth. Frontica is an engineering service company designing offshore installations for the energy sector that can stand severe weather conditions. Main activities are related to offshore drilling facilities, plug and abandonment packages, processing installations and offshore wind. CEO: Eivind Nordal

Firenor in Kristiansand designs, produces, assembles, tests, installs and does commissioning on a broad variety of high-quality active firefighting systems for onshore, offshore, marine industries, green energy projects and military facilities. The company operates in the global market. CEO: Kjetil Kleven

Nedig in Arendal operates within the fields of automation and electro. Nedig focuses on fiber and communication systems, but also pursues opportunities in renewables, solar and energy storage. Nedig has been the main supplier of switchboards and control systems to NOV-APL for the last 15 years. CEO: Bjørn Jensen

Trygg Maskin in Vennesla is a knowledge-based company with a main focus on risk analysis of machines and equipment in the industry and utility sectors. Trygg Maskin offers regulatory assistance within production, purchasing, rebuilding of machines and equipment in accordance with the machinery directive. CEO: Johnny Drange

Ramsdal Engineering Nauvi in Søgne offers expertise in digital signal processing and image processing, analyzes of physical phenomena, electronics and materials technology. The company has partners in the maritime sector and a national and international network of contacts within innovation and research. CEO: Elisabeth G. Ramsdal

Innow in Kristiansand is a consulting company with a vision to make companies more than viable and adopt a sustainable perspective. Innow consists of a skilled interdisciplinary team from various engineering fields, such as renewable energy, mechatronics, data, construction and electronics, and also from industrial economics, technology management and innovation processes. CEO: Rayan Sohaib Saeed