At the start of the pandemic, 70 percent of Stimline's order reserves vanished. Today, optimism is peaking, according to Chief Operating Officer Pål Larsen (left) and Chief Financial Officer Eirik Dahl-Nærheim.

The Kristiansand-based tech company Stimline launches new solutions for digitizing drilling operations in the offshore oil and gas sector.

The oil and gas industry is more digital than ever. Stimline is one of the companies that provides software solutions that allow for more efficient, profitable, and sustainable operations.

Stimline is an established supplier of automated wireline and coiled tubing equipment to the oil and gas industry world-wide. The company is also about to take its software technology for automation of work processes to a new level, offering digitized tools for both intervention and drilling operations for oil and gas wells.

“While offshore activity is increasing, we are deploying our IDEX Collaboration Platform to key energy companies. These are very exciting times”, says Pål Larsen, Chief Operating Officer at Stimline. “Following years of development, we can now deliver complete solutions that simplify and streamline all operations during a well’s life cycle; from planning and drilling to production, maintenance and decommissioning,” says Larsen.

Stimline software collects and systemizes huge amounts of real-time data from offshore operations. By creating an integrated platform for digital planning, execution, and analytics, the software ensures more efficient and cost-effective work processes.

“We help oil and gas companies move away from time consuming manual work processes and homegrown digital systems that are not easily adaptable to changes. Instead, we offer an integrated software solution where all data is collected and available in real-time on one single platform. Operations can be planned and executed between the onshore and offshore team. The result is a smoother and faster workflow”, says Larsen.

Stimline has recently secured important customers, such as Aker BP, Equinor, and Shell.

“Together with Aker BP, we will digitize the entire workflow with well intervention on all their installations. We capture and systematize all data from the operations, making them available to all parties in real time. The software is used by the hundreds of people in the Aker BP team and their alliance partners SLB and Stimwell in the Aker BP Intervention Alliance,” says Larsen.

The contract with Shell includes digitization of planning and execution of all their global drilling, completion, intervention, and abandonment operations. Larsen says the contracts with Shell will be an important door opener for Stimline to the major energy companies.