Students at the University of Agder are looking for industry projects for their bachelor thesis.

41 students at the Faculty of Engineering and Science will soon start work on their bachelor’s thesis in renewable energy, either on their own or in groups.

Students are specialized in electric power, energy engineering and battery technology. The university encourages them to take on external projects to get a real-life experience.

A student project represents free labor for a company, a good change of solving a problem, an external look at the company, and a thorough screening of potential employees. The bachelor’s thesis is independent work undertaken by the student under the guidance of academic staff.

However, companies are expected to contribute to the project in the form of a designated contact person and participation in project meetings.

The University of Agder will introduce the proposed projects to their students on 18 October. Companies are invited to present their projects directly to the students. The final deadline for submitting project proposals is 1 November.

The description of the thesis must be defined and contain the following information:

  • Working title
  • Motivation (why the work is of interest)
  • Goals and sub-goals
  • Important prerequisites and limitations
  • Previous work that the project will be based on
  • Expected results
  • Delivery (e.g. if the project is to result in more than one report, for example a computer program, a prototype, machine drawings, user manuals and so on)

Companies can send their bachelor thesis to