Innovation Norway has announced NOK 10 million for pre-projects from the environmental technology scheme. Application deadline is May 15.

The environmental technology scheme (Miljøteknologiordningen) aims to promote Norwegian environmental technology and strengthen Norwegian companies’ competitiveness. This applies to Norwegian companies wanting to invest and adapt to new market opportunities.

The call is exclusive to cluster companies who work together to bring forth new solutions that are better for the environment than solutions found on the market.

Each project can receive up to NOK 500,000 in funding, which can cover 50 per cent of the total cost. A requirement is that the project involves at least two collaborating companies, of which at least one has to a cluster participant.

Circular economy, digitalization and electrification are the three focus areas for the call. Companies with projects covering one or more of these topics should apply. For more information, please see the Innovation Norway web-page.

GCE NODE can help you select the right program for your projects and guide you through the application process. Please feel free to contact RD&I Manager Marit Dolmen for more information.