Eirik Lind Hånes, Project Manager at AF Gruppen and Chair of World Wide Wind Stian Valentin Knudsen holding a model of the turbine.

World Wide Wind, a developer of a new design for offshore floating wind turbines, and AF Gruppen, have agreed to test the first prototype on the south-western coast of Norway.

“We are very proud to test our first prototype in cooperation with AF Gruppen and look forward to the launch and subsequent test program, as well as exploring further opportunities for collaboration. We very much appreciate the support we have received from the AF team so far and are very grateful that they are letting us use their yard at Vats for the test,” says Bjørn Simonsen, CEO of World Wide Wind.

The 30kW prototype turbine has a total length of 19 meters and will demonstrate the main innovative elements of the World Wide Wind design, such as two counter-rotating blade sets on a vertical axis, generator placed in the bottom of the structure, and allowing the turbine to tilt with the wind like a sailboat.

“We are pleased to support World Wind Wind with their first prototypes of a new and innovative design for offshore floating wind turbines. By supporting a company such as World Wind Wind, we get a unique possibility to demonstrate our capabilities to provide services to the offshore wind market at our facilities in Vats,” says Lars Myhre Hjelmeset, Executive Vice President Offshore in AF Gruppen.