Audun Finnestad, Partner at PwC in Kristiansand.

“We have entered the fourth industrial revolution. Industry 4.0 is no longer a hype, it is a reality”, said Audun Finnestad, Partner at PwC in Agder.

At Tuesday’s SFI Work Package 7 Workshop in Grimstad, Finnestad shared insights from a large, global survey on mega trends.

“We invest heavily in understanding the digital age, making sure we have relevant advice to give our clients. We know that digitalization provides many opportunities to increase customer value. And the future is about increasing customer value, it is not about technology”, said Finnestad.

He gave an example from oil service.

“Physical and digital stages in the Internet of things merge together to a hybrid value-added construct. Implementation in oil service is typically a performance-based service models, providing guaranteed uptime, based on sensors, real-time data and condition-based maintenance”, said Finnestad.